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  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 33.5

    8 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper. About that time Ernest Hemingway's heirs sent me a cease and desist for drawing his face. Note for customers outside the UK- you can fit three zines in one flat rate envelope.
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 32.5

    18 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper. One long essay about various things.
    • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
    • Borges and Calvino
    • Do actuaries secretly rule the world?
    • Getting your revenge on society via accountancy
    • Last Year at Marienbad
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 32

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on purple paper
    • Suspicious whispering
    • The joys of Latin
    • Cogidubnus
    • Aquariums
    • Oulipo word games
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 30- Oxbridge

    36 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper About failing to study at Oxbridge, and then the miserable experience of working there. How do you continue a system of closed doors and in-group privilege (and keep the riff-raff like you and me out) in a tertiary education system where all universities are public and charge the same tuition?
    • Baffling interviews
    • Rigid hierarchies
    • Strange social structures
    • Terrible posh people
    • Racism and classism a-plenty
    • "Oxford is the city of closed doors"
    • My friend H's depressing years at Cambridge
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 31 + 31.5- Croatia & Slovenia

    , ,
    36 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper + mini colour zine A split zine about a last-minute to holiday to Croatia this summer, and then a work trip to Slovenia two weeks later.
    • The beautiful Dalmatian coast
    • Game of Thrones location mania
    • The joy of the humble burek
    • Hostel life
    • They really do love Iron Maiden in the former Yugoslavia
    • Slovenia, the land of Žizek, potica cake (and sadly Melania Trump)
    • Slovenia is very underrated
    • Metelkova autonomous district in Ljubljana
    • Ljubljana Biennial arts festival
    • Lake Bled and Austria by train
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 30.5 – 24 hour zine 2017

    24 page 1/6 sized mini perzine on yellow paper Made for the 24 hour zine project in October 2017- all pages written and laid out in one day. About moving house, and dreaming of Siberia.
    • Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside
    • Oh God Where Do I Put This Box
    • To Get a Letter, Send a Letter
    • Yakutia
    • Small pleasures 20/01/2017
    • Dream Club
    • But Is It Art?
    • Words we got from Farsi
    • Vegan tteokbokki recipe

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