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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 23 – shingles

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on blue about trying to be healthier after long-term illness and realising how superficial and gross I find a lot of fitness and health culture. (Note- numbers related to weight or calories are never mentioned).
    • The joys of multiple bouts of shingles
    • "Clean" eating is a terrible concept
    • Attempting to take up yoga
    • Trying not to creak like an old lady
    60  30 
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 23.5 – 24 hour zine 2016

    24 page 1/6 sized mini perzine on yellow paper Made for the 24 hour zine project in July 2016- all pages written and laid out in one day
    • Patchwork quilts
    • Tidying up
    • Modular Synths
    • Rescuing Bumblebees
    • Winning £4 on the lottery
    • Not letting myself watch Stranger Things until I've done my work
    • Getting frustrated with the inner workings of the Labour Party
    30  15 
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn 24, 25, 26

    3 x 24 page 1/4 sized perzines. Save money! 24- about fitting and removing a Mirena IUD 25- about exploring the ceiling and Kazakh teenagers 26- about the wonders of French campsites
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    3x Valentina Tereshkova stickers

    , , ,
    3 x 6cm diameter kraft paper stickers of Valentina Tereshkova
    30  15 
  • Golden envelope

    A golden envelope with mystery treats in. Posted separately within the UK, and with the rest of the order outside the UK.
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 24- Mirena IUD

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper This one’s probably only of interest to those with a uterus. About getting a Mirena coil when you already have endocrine problems and have to take Prednisone.
    • PCOS and Endometriosis
    • Getting a Mirena coil
    • Endocrine Meltdown
    • Removal
    60  30 
  • Sale

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 18 – London

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on orange paper
    • 80s video machines
    • Giant list of small pleasures
    • Really delicious lasagne recipe
    60  30 
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 31 + 31.5- Croatia & Slovenia

    , ,
    36 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper + mini colour zine A split zine about a last-minute to holiday to Croatia this summer, and then a work trip to Slovenia two weeks later.
    • The beautiful Dalmatian coast
    • Game of Thrones location mania
    • The joy of the humble burek
    • Hostel life
    • They really do love Iron Maiden in the former Yugoslavia
    • Slovenia, the land of Žizek, potica cake (and sadly Melania Trump)
    • Slovenia is very underrated
    • Metelkova autonomous district in Ljubljana
    • Ljubljana Biennial arts festival
    • Lake Bled and Austria by train
    75  38 
  • France Bundle- Fanzine Ynfytyn 21 & 26

    Issue 21: 30 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper Going to Paris when you are broke, and managing to do it while the Charlie Hebdo shootings are going on.
    • Free Eurostar tickets
    • Walking miles and miles
    • French music magazines
    • €30 a night central Paris hotels, whose colour scheme can only be described as "depressed Willy Wonka"
    • Père Lachaise, Montmartre, Canal St Martin, St-Germain, Quartier Latin, Île St Louis, Jardin Luxembourg and a convenient view of the Eiffel Tower
    • Accidentally getting caught in a march of 1 million people
    • Zazie dans le Métro and other French film recommendations
    Issue 26: 24 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper This one is about the experience of growing up holidaying in a caravan at French campsites. A typical holiday for British people, but probably weird and exotic for those from further away.
    • Ocean-going glamour of cross-channel ferries
    • Family arguments about putting tents up
    • The wonders of the French hypermarché
    • Wholesome Dutch people
    • Rubbish circuses where the attractions are one dog and one llama
  • Sale

    Best of Fanzine Ynfytyn 1-13

    40 page 1/4 sized perzine on purple paper An anthology of articles from the first thirteen issues of Fanzine Ynfytyn which are no longer in print. A 12,000 word monster with 30 different articles.
    • Why is your zine called that?
    • The man and the song come to blows
    • Pontefract 1982
    • A Cake is Baked
    • Banana cake recipe
    • I demand the return of the flexidisc
    • Junior school music lessons
    • Pancake politburos
    • Books about buses
    • Aubergine parmaggiana recipe
    • Things I would like to do
    • My bizarre English teacher
    • Exquisite corpse
    • Why I like going to the aquarium
    • Things I would like complete sets of
    • Things I always look for in charity shops
    • What does an amoeba have to worry about?
    • Things I'm currently looking for in charity shops
    • End of the pier
    • Childhood ambitions in review
    • Simulating painstaking digging
    • Canterbury
    • Top five napping albums
    • Haiku ode to Papa Hemingway (including getting a cease-and-desist from his grandson)
    • Nuclear sales
    • Multiple Small Pleasures
    • Things which are reassuringly the same every time
    • Things which I tend to like regardless of quality
    • The Sue Ryder sale
    • Crosswords I can and can't do
    • The pains of learning ballet
    105  53