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  • 42 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 35+ 22 – working in museums

    , ,
    Two 24 page 1/4 sized perzines on purple paper about working in Museums Fanzine Ynfytyn 35- Jan 2020- Natural History Museum and Hampton Court
    • Punchups in the dinosaur queue
    • Checking taxidermy for worms
    • Unpleasant encounters with Simon Pegg
    • Feeding rotten bananas to giant butterflies
    Fanzine Ynfytyn 22- April 2015
    • Being in charge of a maze at Hampton Court
    • Foxes
    • Multiple Small Pleasures
    42 SEK
    42 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 27 + 23.5 – Solitude Standing & 24 hour zine 2016

    , ,
    A pack of two zines: Issue 27- a 24 page ¼ sized perzine on yellow paper About that time I accidentally spent a whole summer alone in Bognor Regis
    • An unfortunate series of events leads to me being stranded in Bognor
    • Old people, so many old people
    • Never-ending train strikes
    • Some thoughts about solitude and being noticed and observed
    • Excellent charity shops
    • Robert Smith of the Cure's house
    • I try to volunteer with the local Labour Party, but everyone seems to think I'm a teenager on work experience. I was in my early 30s.
    Issue 23.5- a 24 page 1/6 sized mini perzine on yellow paper Made for the 24 hour zine project in July 2016- all pages written and laid out in one day while I was in Bognor
    • Patchwork quilts
    • Tidying up
    • Modular Synths
    • Rescuing Bumblebees
    • Winning £4 on the lottery
    • Not letting myself watch Stranger Things until I've done my work
    • Getting frustrated with the inner workings of the Labour Party
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
  • 10 SEK

    Cake Exploding comic

    12 page 1/4 sized comic on purple paper I had a dream that Cake Exploding was a popular hobby, with world championships and dedicated YouTube channels. Here's the comic version.
    10 SEK
    10 SEK
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    72 SEK 288 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 33.5 – You Can’t Draw That Ma’am

    8 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper. About that time Ernest Hemingway's heirs sent me a cease and desist for drawing his face. Note for customers outside the UK- you can fit three zines in one flat rate envelope.
  • 12 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 32.5 – Calvino and Actuaries

    18 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper. One long essay about various things.
    • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
    • Borges and Calvino
    • Do actuaries secretly rule the world?
    • Getting your revenge on society via accountancy
    • Last Year at Marienbad
    12 SEK
    12 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 32 + 34 – Romans

    , ,
    Two zines about classical themes! Issue 32: 24 page 1/4 sized perzine on purple paper
    • Suspicious whispering
    • The joys of Latin
    • Cogidubnus
    • Aquariums
    • Oulipo word games
    Issue 34: 24 page 1/4 sized perzine on gold paper about studying Classics and Ancient History
    • The Cambridge Latin Course- death by volcano, poisoned holy water or crocodile?
    • Why actually studying Classics is nothing like Donna Tartt's novel
    • Roman love poet rundown: Tibullus is a soft wet boy
    • I am bad at Medieval Latin. Don't worry, so were medieval monks on the whole.
    • Site visits to Rome, Aquae Sulis, Pompeii, Catullus' house, Fishbourne Palace and various Roman graveyards
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 30- Oxbridge

    36 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper About failing to study at Oxbridge, and then the miserable experience of working there. How do you continue a system of closed doors and in-group privilege (and keep the riff-raff like you and me out) in a tertiary education system where all universities are public and charge the same tuition?
    • Baffling interviews
    • Rigid hierarchies
    • Strange social structures
    • Terrible posh people
    • Racism and classism a-plenty
    • "Oxford is the city of closed doors"
    • My friend H's depressing years at Cambridge
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 31 – Croatia & Slovenia

    36 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper + mini colour zine A split zine about a last-minute to holiday to Croatia this summer, and then a work trip to Slovenia two weeks later.
    • The beautiful Dalmatian coast
    • Game of Thrones location mania
    • The joy of the humble burek
    • Hostel life
    • They really do love Iron Maiden in the former Yugoslavia
    • Slovenia, the land of Žizek, potica cake (and sadly Melania Trump)
    • Slovenia is very underrated
    • Metelkova autonomous district in Ljubljana
    • Ljubljana Biennial arts festival
    • Lake Bled and Austria by train
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 30.5 – 24 hour zine 2017

    24 page 1/6 sized mini perzine on yellow paper Made for the 24 hour zine project in October 2017- all pages written and laid out in one day. About moving house, and dreaming of Siberia.
    • Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside
    • Oh God Where Do I Put This Box
    • To Get a Letter, Send a Letter
    • Yakutia
    • Small pleasures 20/01/2017
    • Dream Club
    • But Is It Art?
    • Words we got from Farsi
    • Vegan tteokbokki recipe
  • 30 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 29 – Italy

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on yellow paper + mini photo zine About Northern Italy. Travelling for work, and a last-minute trip to Lake Garda.
    • Italy in the 90s
    • Getting sent to the wrong side of Italy by my job
    • Legnago, the most boring place in Italy
    • The joys of Italian electrics
    • Lake Garda then and now
    • The Name of the Rose
    • Catullus and an impromptu Latin lesson
    • Shadows of Fascism on Lake Garda
    • Invisible Cities
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 21- Paris

    30 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper Going to Paris when you are broke, and managing to do it while the Charlie Hebdo shootings are going on.
    • Free Eurostar tickets
    • Walking miles and miles
    • French music magazines
    • €30 a night central Paris hotels, whose colour scheme can only be described as "depressed Willy Wonka"
    • Père Lachaise, Montmartre, Canal St Martin, St-Germain, Quartier Latin, Île St Louis, Jardin Luxembourg and a convenient view of the Eiffel Tower
    • Accidentally getting caught in a march of 1 million people
    • Zazie dans le Métro and other French film recommendations
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Film Photography 101

    24 page 1/4 sized zine on green paper teaching you all the basics of film photography in a friendly jargon-free way.
    • Vintage camera types
    • How to fix common issues with second-hand cameras
    • How to clean vintage cameras
    • Lenses explained
    • Film types and sizes
    • Cross-processing
    • Uses of filters
    • Aperture explained
    • Shutter speed explained
    • The Sunny 16 rule
    • Exposure and EV rating
    • Tips for portraits
    • Tips for landscapes
    • The Rule of Thirds
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 42 SEK

    Being Editors 1: Diana Wynne Jones

    , ,
    40 page 1/4 sized zine on purple paper A selection of essays about children's author Diana Wynne Jones.
    • How I started reading DWJ
    • Complete bibliography
    • Interview with Diana
    • DWJ and the curse of the terrible cover art
    • Things reading Diana's books has taught me
    • My favourite: Fire and Hemlock
    • My favourite: the Ogre Downstairs
    • My favourite: the Homeward Bounders
    • My favourite: Howl's Moving Castle
    • My favourite: Witch Week
    • Witch Week as the anti-Harry Potter
    • Adult villains
    • Review of Farah Mendlesohn's book
    • Polly's complete reading list
    • The ending of Fire and Hemlock explained
    42 SEK
    42 SEK
  • 42 SEK

    Best of Fanzine Ynfytyn 1-13

    40 page 1/4 sized perzine on purple paper An anthology of articles from the first thirteen issues of Fanzine Ynfytyn which are no longer in print. A 12,000 word monster with 30 different articles.
    • Why is your zine called that?
    • The man and the song come to blows
    • Pontefract 1982
    • A Cake is Baked
    • Banana cake recipe
    • I demand the return of the flexidisc
    • Junior school music lessons
    • Pancake politburos
    • Books about buses
    • Aubergine parmaggiana recipe
    • Things I would like to do
    • My bizarre English teacher
    • Exquisite corpse
    • Why I like going to the aquarium
    • Things I would like complete sets of
    • Things I always look for in charity shops
    • What does an amoeba have to worry about?
    • Things I'm currently looking for in charity shops
    • End of the pier
    • Childhood ambitions in review
    • Simulating painstaking digging
    • Canterbury
    • Top five napping albums
    • Haiku ode to Papa Hemingway (including getting a cease-and-desist from his grandson)
    • Nuclear sales
    • Multiple Small Pleasures
    • Things which are reassuringly the same every time
    • Things which I tend to like regardless of quality
    • The Sue Ryder sale
    • Crosswords I can and can't do
    • The pains of learning ballet
    42 SEK
    42 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 24- Mirena IUD

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper This one’s probably only of interest to those with a uterus. About getting a Mirena coil when you already have endocrine problems and have to take Prednisone.
    • PCOS and Endometriosis
    • Getting a Mirena coil
    • Endocrine Meltdown
    • Removal
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 30 SEK

    Colouring Book Zine

    A5 colouring book with 15 different images to colour. Comes with free wax crayons.
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
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    Fanzine Ynfytyn 26 – camping in France

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on green paper This one is about the experience of growing up holidaying in a caravan at French campsites. A typical holiday for British people, but probably weird and exotic for those from further away.
    • Ocean-going glamour of cross-channel ferries
    • Family arguments about putting tents up
    • The wonders of the French hypermarché
    • Wholesome Dutch people
    • Rubbish circuses where the attractions are one dog and one llama
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 16.5 – 24 hour zine 2011

    24 page 1/6 sized perzine on yellow paper - made for the 24hr zine project
    • El Topo & Sedmikrasky
    • Hometown boredom
    • Summer museum work
  • 24 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 23 – shingles

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on blue about trying to be healthier after long-term illness and realising how superficial and gross I find a lot of fitness and health culture. (Note- numbers related to weight or calories are never mentioned).
    • The joys of multiple bouts of shingles
    • "Clean" eating is a terrible concept
    • Attempting to take up yoga
    • Trying not to creak like an old lady
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 30 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 28 – Japan

    I won a trip to Japan. 32 page ¼ sized zine on pink paper. Comes with mini colour photo zine.
    • Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Naoshima
    • Ghibli museum, Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples
    • Meat-free Japan on an extremely low budget
    • Rabbits, Deer, Cats and Herons
    30 SEK
    30 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 25

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on purple paper
    • Our Maxim from Almaty
    • Exploring the World of the Ceiling
    • Small pleasures
    • Crispy Teriyaki Tofu recipe
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Keep it clean

    24 page 1/4 sized zine on yellow paper about keeping your place nice with low effort.
    • Bathrooms and kitchens
    • Bedding and towels
    • Mmm that smells good
    24 SEK
    24 SEK
  • 24 SEK

    Fanzine Ynfytyn 20

    24 page 1/4 sized perzine on pink paper
    • Jeff Mangum
    • North Korea
    • Competitions I have won
    24 SEK
    24 SEK